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The Importance of Proactive Termite Control

Termites are a serious threat to homeowners. These silent destroyers can cause significant structural damage if left undetected. Traditional termite control methods often involve using large volumes of liquid pesticides around a property’s perimeter. While these methods can be effective, they may not be the most environmentally friendly or sustainable option. That’s where termite monitoring systems offer a proactive and targeted approach to termite control.

Understanding Termite Monitoring Systems

Termite monitoring systems are a proactive approach to termite control that involves placing strategically located stations around your property to detect termite activity. These systems work by attracting termites to the stations where they can be detected during regular inspections by trained pest control technicians.

Types of Termite Monitoring Systems

Sentricon® Always Active®

Sentricon® Always Active® is a highly effective termite monitoring and baiting system. This system uses patented Recruit HD termite bait, which termites prefer over wood. The bait stops termites from molting, ultimately eliminating the entire colony.

Hex-Pro® Termite Baiting System

Hex-Pro® is another effective termite monitoring and baiting system. Hex-Pro® uses a wood-based bait that is highly attractive to termites. The bait contains a slow-acting insecticide that gradually eliminates the termite colony.

How Termite Monitoring Systems Work

  • Installation: A qualified termite control technician will strategically install the stations around your home’s perimeter, focusing on areas where termites are most likely to be present.
  • Monitoring: Your technician will regularly inspect the stations for signs of termite activity.
  • Baiting: If termites are detected, your technician will replace the monitoring devices with bait stations containing a slow-acting termiticide.
  • Elimination: Termites foraging for food will take the bait back to their colony, effectively eliminating the colony over time.

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